How You Live Blog – It's not about furniture. It's about how you live.

How You Live Blog It's not about furniture. It's about how you live.

9 Must-Have Staples to Consider When Building or Buying a Home

Written by, Ashley Gilbert I don’t consider myself a home expert, but after the experience of building and designing my own home, there are a few staples we couldn’t live without. We dedicated a lot of time and energy into making our new home fit our lifestyle. I was on the fence about many items,… Read More »

What Does Your Horoscope Say About Your Sleep Habits?

Look to the heavens and your horoscope to discover how you can get better quality rest No matter what your astrological sign might be, sleep truly matters to everyone. It ranks right up there with diet and exercise in shaping your overall health, both now and in the future. With that in mind, it might… Read More »

5 Golden Rules for The Best Sleep Ever

Design your bedroom with a good night’s sleep top of mind There’s plenty of advice floating around about the various ways you can ensure a good night sleep. It can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which ones to follow and which to simply ignore. To simplify things, consider these 5 golden rules to… Read More »

Functional Home Storage Pieces that Don’t Sacrifice Aesthetics

Written by, Ashley Gilbert When Will and I were living in the city, we didn’t care about the furniture we had. Most things were hand-me-downs and, what wasn’t, were cheap pieces from Ikea until we had our own home. Two things that infuriated me about our old living situation was a solution for cords and… Read More »

Creature Comforts: Cuddle-Worthy Styles for National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day! We think this may just be the cutest, cuddliest national holiday of them all. So, to celebrate our beloved pets, whether young or old, we’re taking a tour through some of our most cuddle-worthy pieces!  Do you have a pet you love to lounge with? Do you enjoy those quiet… Read More »

Why Some Couples Are Opting to Sleep in Separate Beds

If you’ve ever lost sleep because of a snoring, insomniac partner, then this is a story you can’t afford to skip! Is an old practice – partners sleeping apart – catching on again? It sure looks like it. Estimates vary, but a study from Ryerson’s Sleep and Depression Laboratory in Toronto pegs it as high… Read More »

What Does Your Nightstand Say About You?

Clean or cluttered? Your choice of stuff kept at your bedside offers a glimpse into your personality Your bedrooms should be a sanctuary, a place where you can slip away from the world and find enough peace to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. It reflects your sense of style, showing what’s most important to you… Read More »

Spring is in the Flair: Stylish Picks for a New Season

Spring has nearly sprung, and we can’t wait to welcome all of the light and bright styles that come along with it! Greet the blossoming flowers and warmer days with an interior that complements spring’s renewing energy! Preparing your home for the new season doesn’t have to be all spring cleaning and getting rid of… Read More »

Is Sharing a Bed With Your Pets Putting a Paws On Good Sleep?

No matter what the data says, pet owners are having a hard time stopping their furry friends from being bedmates Pet owners are a passionate bunch – there’s not too much they won’t do for their furry companions. They buy them birthday gifts, dress them up in costumes and take portraits of them with Santa.… Read More »

Top 7 Sleep-Inducing Podcasts You’ve Just Got to Hear!

If you’re sleepless and restless, give these purposely boring podcasts a try – the equivalent of a glass of warm milk and your mom reading you a bedtime story Podcasts are a wonderful thing. They can make you laugh, provoke thought, introduce you to a brand new subject matter or challenge your opinions on important… Read More »