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5 Beautiful Kitchen Islands Perfect for Baking Cookies

It’s cookie baking season! We can smell the sugar cookies and ginger snaps already. Nothing is more delightful than taking freshly baked cookies out of the oven and getting the first whiff of that sweet aroma. Oh, the holidays. As wonderful as that may sound, we know sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.… Read More »

How to Impress Your Guests with a Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescape

Formal dining during the holidays can be a little tricky. Whether you have friends or family coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, the pressure is on. But impressing guests during dinner time can be incredibly satisfying when it’s all said and done. We think it’s time to take the pressure off holiday dinners. Read on for… Read More »

Back to School Ready: Help Them Learn Outside of the Classroom

Back to school may be the best and worst season of the year, depending on who you ask. Young kids despise the words and get sick when they come across a school bus in July. While college kids welcome the chance to reunite with friends and continue their future endeavors. With school on the horizon,… Read More »

Need Gift Inspiration for Super Dad this Fathers Day?

Do you remember when you were little, and dad took you to the toy store just to let you pick out whatever you wanted? Anything at all. Your eyes gleamed at the endless possibilities from the Marvel Super Hero Lego set to the newest Power Wheels. That was the day dad became a super dad.… Read More »

4 Summer Interior Design Trends to Add to Your Home.

Keeping up to date on trending home decor usually means one of three things. The first, you’re a fashionista hosting game night like a champ with furniture that’s on point. Second, you’ve achieved your American dream, and are hastily pushing through a renovation to finally move into your newly built home. Third, you and the… Read More »

Memorial Day Picnic Hacks

A beautiful day for a picnic Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer loving, even though June 19 is the official start of summer. But who wants to wait? If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a 3-day weekend it’s the perfect time to relax, vacation or just enjoy the outdoors with a spontaneous and… Read More »

Summer Vibes: Comfort, Happiness, and Beauty in Your Living Room

Nothing is more satisfying than fluffing up that last accent pillow. After months of comparing price tags and going through different style catalogs, your living room has finally come together. And you’re beaming with delight. This moment calls for a well-deserved glass of wine because interior design is one tough task. It’s your home after… Read More »

Spring is in the Flair: Stylish Picks for a New Season

Spring has nearly sprung, and we can’t wait to welcome all of the light and bright styles that come along with it! Greet the blossoming flowers and warmer days with an interior that complements spring’s renewing energy! Preparing your home for the new season doesn’t have to be all spring cleaning and getting rid of… Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions: Declutter & Organize Your Home

“New Year’s Resolutions”… you know, those things you swear you’ll do come January, but by April it’s just a distant memory? If you’re a homeowner, your resolution might center around home improvements—perhaps something more realistic than last year’s lofty read-one-book-a-month resolution. We might not be able to help with all of your resolutions, but if… Read More »

Home for the Holidays

Written by Carey Bender It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I love every ounce of anticipation that surrounds Christmas! Of course, one of my favorite things about the holidays is the special time set aside to celebrate with friends and family. I have the privilege of hosting my husband’s family every year… Read More »