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Top Experts Get Serious About Sleep Apnea & Long-Term Impact on Health

Snoring Is No Laughing Matter! More than 22 million Americans have sleep apnea – are you one of them and what’s the risk? Snoring may lead to some comical situations and good-natured ribbing between bedmates and family members, but it may also be the calling card for a serious health condition with potentially life-threatening consequences.… Read More »

I Broke My New Year’s Resolutions! What Do I Do Now?

9 ways to get back on track and have your best year ever If you’re like many Americans, you make New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year, a promise to yourself to be a better you. Good job! According to the Better Sleep Council’s Sleep Resolutions Survey, 88% of Americans made at least… Read More »

Essential Tools for a Restful Slumber – Sleep Mask & Earplugs

Let there be peace and quiet and darkness for the best night sleep possible Many factors make up sleep hygiene, which is a fancy way of describing a series of items/tasks that set the scene for good quality sleep. Two of the most important sleep steps include creating a dark room and ensuring quietness. Both… Read More »

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what your favorite sleep position says about your personality? A lot, according to all the research! When talking with a friend, do you stand with your arms straight by your side or with them crossed in front of your chest? Do you cock your head when listening or lean in or… Read More »

Why Sleep is a Powerful Weapon Against the Flu

Are you ready for another flu season? It’s coming and getting adequate rest will help you through it. As much as we’re excited about the changing seasons (because it means the holidays are coming and cozying up in warm sweaters), it also marks the impending arrival of flu season. Not that you need a reminder,… Read More »

Bad Sleep Advice Hall of Shame: 9 Sleep Tips NEVER to Follow

Everyone has ideas on how to get a good night’s sleep – you safely ignore these ones!    Fake news! When it comes to advising on how to get your best sleep, some of what we’ve read online has us scratching our heads in disbelief. Though perhaps well-intentioned, some advice simply doesn’t pass the tried-and-true… Read More »

Does Your Mattress Need to be Replaced?

How to convince your partner it’s time for a new mattress, using your powers of persuasion of course… For some people, change is not a welcome concept. You know the ones… They refuse to retire their favorite tattered pair of jeans until they nearly disintegrate. When it comes to mattresses, they seem to love the… Read More »