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How to Carry Rustic Style Throughout Your Home

Mother Nature is both rugged and breathtaking. It’s no wonder people want to bring the outdoors in. Rustic is a timeless style that has been around for decades with no sign of ever slowing down. Today’s rustic style is a combination of gritty outdoors, cozy farmhouse, and modern touches. Let’s run through a few examples… Read More »

4 Summer Interior Design Trends to Add to Your Home.

Keeping up to date on trending home decor usually means one of three things. The first, you’re a fashionista hosting game night like a champ with furniture that’s on point. Second, you’ve achieved your American dream, and are hastily pushing through a renovation to finally move into your newly built home. Third, you and the… Read More »

Summer Vibes: Comfort, Happiness, and Beauty in Your Living Room

Nothing is more satisfying than fluffing up that last accent pillow. After months of comparing price tags and going through different style catalogs, your living room has finally come together. And you’re beaming with delight. This moment calls for a well-deserved glass of wine because interior design is one tough task. It’s your home after… Read More »

Spring is in the Flair: Stylish Picks for a New Season

Spring has nearly sprung, and we can’t wait to welcome all of the light and bright styles that come along with it! Greet the blossoming flowers and warmer days with an interior that complements spring’s renewing energy! Preparing your home for the new season doesn’t have to be all spring cleaning and getting rid of… Read More »

Invest in the Best, Spend Less on Trends

Redecorating every room or moving into a new house can be daunting. Especially when you’re ready to totally “get out with the old and into the new”, as the saying goes. A complete revamp is thrilling yet…chilling. Maybe you’re moving into a bigger home with spacious rooms, fit for luxe furniture of which you never… Read More »

How To Select Furniture That Complements Your Lifestyle

“It’s not about furniture, it’s about how you live.” Wolf’s has known this to be true since our founding in 1902. We know that home decor is not about price points or recent trends — it’s about expressing yourself and creating an environment of customized comfort to complement your lifestyle. Whether you prefer contemporary, folk,… Read More »