How You Live Blog – Page 8 – It's not about furniture. It's about how you live.

How You Live Blog It's not about furniture. It's about how you live.

Break Away from Ordinary Travel with 5 Unusual Hotels

Unique hotel rooms that make sleep an unforgettable experience Pack your bags, load the kiddos (or BFF’s), fill up the gas tank and hit the open road for a summer adventure. There’s no need to stay at the typical budget motel off Highway Nowhere when you can set up camp in a cool and unique… Read More »

10 Things Great Sleepers Do Consistently

Sleep better to live better with a few simple tweaks to your routine If you’ve had a great night’s sleep, your morning coffee is a bonus, not a personality relocator. Trouble is, many Americans suffer from sleep deprivation — almost 50%, according to some studies. Even worse, long-term sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues… Read More »

Summer Loving: Fresh Design Ideas for a New Season

Summer is finally here! Hopefully, wherever you are, the sun is shining bright and the green leaves are rustling in a balmy breeze. It’s enough to put a song in our hearts. We at Wolf Furniture are always inspired by the changing seasons and the opportunity they bring for new design ideas. We love to… Read More »

Weekday Sleep vs. Weekend Sleep

The weekend was made for sleeping in Waking up early for work to keep on top of deadlines, staying up late to partake in social engagements. By the end of the week all you want to do is sleep in. Late. You snooze a few extra hours on Saturday morning to stay out late that… Read More »

3 Summer Decor Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Warmer Weather

Spring can certainly be unpredictable. This year’s ever-changing weather forecasts have us looking forward to a warm and blissful summer in more ways than one! We at Wolf Furniture are (obviously) excited for the new design opportunities a new season brings. For us, refreshing home decor for the summer is all about simplifying, welcoming fresh… Read More »

Six Surprising Mattress Facts You Need to Know

On average, humans spend one third of their lives asleep. With so much of our time spent lying down, mattresses have an enormous effect on our health and well-being. Ideally, mattresses should be replaced every 7-10 years. Don’t believe us? These cringe-worthy facts may change your mind. FACT ONE: Mattresses can double in weight over… Read More »

How To Select Furniture That Complements Your Lifestyle

“It’s not about furniture, it’s about how you live.” Wolf’s has known this to be true since our founding in 1902. We know that home decor is not about price points or recent trends — it’s about expressing yourself and creating an environment of customized comfort to complement your lifestyle. Whether you prefer contemporary, folk,… Read More »