Clearance Specials: York, PA

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Prodimg404 Save 70% Now $444

Mirrored Sideboard, I wish I could give movie themes to the merchandise here. This one would be named "Star Wars Sidebboard" Does this not remind you of like a storm troopers dream sideboard? Love it!


Prodimg405 Save 30% Now $332

Glass Cocktail table for sale! It would be a great table for Scrabble.

Value Center
FLEXM 12486076

Prodimg406 Save 40% Now $548

A Queen Bed With Storage footboard, nice and sleek for your bedroom, Did I mention storage footboard? Yeah, no more "just shove it under the bed" kind of conversations.

value center
LEGAM 3600-4901/25/05

Prodimg407 Save 30% Now $385

Blue Power Recliner, Its blue! It reclines! What more does it need? It needs a place in your den!

Value Center
BESTM 12536067

Prodimg408 Save 53% Now $195

Paula Deen Sidetable, unfortunately this doesn't come with a life time supply of butter with this purchase. But it's as smooth as butter....does that count?

PADEM 12416002

Prodimg409 Save 59% Now $348

Painted Cocktail table $348 Painted Pedistal Table $288. to put it in the Sunroom or not to sunroom, that is the question.

Left of CS
BCOMM 12358936/34

Prodimg410 Save 70% Now $77

Red accent table, let's picture it in a cute reading nook with a little stack of your favorite books!

BROYM 12377902

Prodimg411 Save 37% Now $488

Tripod Clock, Have you ever seen the movie, War of the Worlds? This for some reason this reminds me of it. If you haven't seen it- come check it out at the store and I'll tell you why.

HOWAM 12511849/5194

Prodimg412 Save 63% Now $488

Your choice at $488 each. Picture it, you and your cold iced tea this May lounging on this chair...Sounds like a match!

EMERM 72658950/40

Prodimg413 Save 35% Now $488

Paited Server, calling all bohemian theme lovers! This addition would just put the finishing touches on your perfect living space.

Sleeper Area